Property Development

Responsible retailing has always been our clarion call at Majik Market from day one. We guarantee you a responsible and seamless shopping experience when you visit our stores. How do we accomplish this mission?

Ethical Pricing

Our product pricing policies are based entirely on fairness and ethics. We never increase our prices when we sense a consumer product shortage. On the contrary, we conscientiously strive to further beef up our robust supply chains and increase availability. Our buyers constantly seek out products that are qualitatively superior and affordably priced which is why you will find many unique products at Majik Market convenience stores normally not available elsewhere.

Responsible Product Information

At Majik Market, we are fully aware that smart shoppers like you constantly seek data from us on the origin and manufacturing of our various convenience store products in order to support your responsible purchasing habits. WE therefore pay careful attention to product labeling and their environmental impact when we select products for sale across our stores.

At Majik Market, we deliver unmatched service and outstanding products to you with a keen sense of responsibility and a firm focus on sustainability. We work hard to support the communities in which we operate through active local sourcing and promotional initiatives.