Community Outreach and CSR

Every employee at Majik Market is a card carrying citizen of our community in Georgia. Our employees play mission critical roles within their respective communities as responsible parents of school children, members of churches, community board members and much more. As a result, they are regularly called upon to render civic duties across the board.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a registered Georgia corporation, Majik Market prides itself in the role it plays in our community through focused and mission driven community projects as well as CSR. Civic leaders regularly call upon us to contribute to worthy causes, sponsor public events and extend a helping hand on a case-by-case basis. At Majik Market, we are always eager, able and willing to sponsor community initiatives. Whether it is a natural calamity or an unanticipated circumstance, employees at Majik Market are always anxious to help you.

Proposals Welcome

If you hold public office, play a leadership role in civil society, or strongly believe that we should support a worthy cause, please feel free to send us a written proposal through our Contact us Page. Please rest assured. Every proposal received by the members of the Majik Market management is reviewed favorably. You will definitely hear from us. You can also keep us updated regarding the various activities of your non-profit or civic group by including us on your mailing list.