Property Development

What does the process involve?

Interested in turning undeveloped property to a higher land use? That is precisely the field in which we specialize and we have more than a dozen commercial locations all across Georgia to bear testimony to our unparalleled success in commercial property development.


We validate your vision. Maybe the commercial property you have chosen is more appropriate for a fuel station with a convenience store inside as opposed to a stand alone auto repair facility. Our team of architects, urban designers and town planners will deliver the highest brand of advising and support to take your value proposition to the next level.



Our highly experience site selection team will locate the right track of property at the right price and the right location for you. The property can be undeveloped land, semi-developed property or property with existing infrastructure needing a facelift. 


From running title checks to handling zoning and variances, we will ensure that the property you have chosen to set up your business is free and clear of all encumbrances.


The property you have chosen independently may be pristine but may not be financially viable in terms of operating a successful business. Our company will ensure that the property you have on your watch is strategically positioned to generate the maximum return on investment (ROI) possible within a stipulated time frame. We can not only propose alternative sites for your consideration but also arrange the financing to fund your venture.


We are known in the industry for providing the most affordable options when it is time to develop your commercial property. Our vendors undergo a rigorous vetting process before we empanel them and we source the highest quality materials at the most cost effective price in a full spirit of transparency and disclosure.


Before we turn over your dream project to you, our property development team will ensure that your business is legally compliant and all statutory requirements, approvals, local, state and federal regulations are met. We facilitate title consolidation, check for covenants and easements, and take corrective action when necessary.

We are fully equipped to transform your property development ideas into tangible reality. Please use our contact page or call us today for a no obligation discussion.