Majik Market

Majik Market Protects you from COVID-19

As the pandemic continues to loom large with literally no end in sight, Majik Market is firmly committed to protecting its employees, vendors and customer communities. We are fully compliant with all the regulations and advisories issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Center for Disease Control, The COVID-19 Presidential Task Force, WHO and regulations promulgated by the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia.
  • medical-mask

    Wear a Face Mask

    When you visit any of our locations, we recommend that you wear a face mask or a mouth covering not only to protect others but also yourself. Face masks of high quality are available at all our stores for purchase at very reasonable prices.

  • alcohol-gel

    Sanitize at the Entrance

    Use our contactless sanitization centers located at the entry of each store to sanitize yourself. You should also carry a bottle of sanitizer at all times as you navigate your day. We carry a full range of sanitizers in all sizes to meet your needs. All our COVID-19 supplies are statutorily compliant and are sold at discounted prices to address the need of the hour.

  • social

    Maintain Social Distancing

    We urge that you maintain social distancing when you visit one of our Majik Market locations in Georgia. Our staff is regularly checked for COVID-19 and undergoes daily temperature checks. We protect you and our cashier staff through strict isolation measures. If you bring children with you to any of our stores, please be sure to sanitize their little hands at one of our sanitizer stands before you depart from our store.

  • wear

    Wear Gloves

    You can optionally wear disposable gloves at our stores if you wish which we will provide you free of cost. Our staff follows industry best practices in this regard. Bakery tissues are also provided to customers at no cost.

  • nurse

    Help us to Protect you at Majik Market

    We urge all our customers to strictly follow COVID-19 guidelines. If you experience any difficulties or challenges while navigating our stores, please step up to the Service Desk immediately and ask for assistance which will be rendered to you promptly.